X Survive: Crafting & Building Sandbox [v1.29]

X Survive: Crafting & Building Sandbox is the Arcade for Android developed by freesquaregames

App nameX Survive: Crafting & Building Sandbox
Platform5.1 and up
Latest ModMOD + OBB Data Full
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Description of X Survive: Crafting & Building Sandbox [1.29]

Crafting and Building sandbox with more than ★500 different blocks to craft and build house! It’s free and offline (no wifi needed) forever. Join galaxy traveler on his last stop in beautiful sandy world full of creative opportunities!

Welcome to sandbox with fast crafting and building game-play. What galaxy traveler should do after unfortunate landing on unknown planet ❓ Answer is… Take all futuristic equipment from spacecraft and use it to be creative! Craft and build house from modular blocks, change game world the way you like. Play free offline anywhere anytime!

Galaxy top equipment let you do crafting and building extremely fast and free. All you need is to dig or loot right resources, activate 3D printer, make all necessary blocks and apply your creative mind to craft and build house of your dream. Driving vehicle is a fun way to explore beautiful sandbox world too!

Craft and build house high above the ground it’s a new galaxy living standard. Dig through the surface and change sandbox world the way you like! Begin game from simple structure but don’t stop, unveil your inner creative architect and make blocks for high-rise villa with terraces, cool furniture and awesome ocean view, any dream of creator coming true here. All 500 blueprints are free and can be used even offline!

Make tunnels and do all sorts of terraforming, it’s required to get right resources for crafting and building blocks and it’s extremely fun and creative process to change sandbox game world. Dig underground cave and even craft and build house deep in a ground!

Buggy, Heavy Truck and Big Foot to your service and some has storage to deliver crafting and building blocks to construction place! Unprecedented vehicle physics make it fun to drive and explore sandbox game world. Craft and build house and don’t forget to make parking for your car or build cool springboard for some cool tricks!

Play it your way! Don’t like scouting and collecting resources? Creative Mode with unlimited crafting and building blocks is all you need! Craft and build house on a go. Use Survivor Mode and carefully explore game world for required resources before getting creative. Up for challenge? Hardcore Mode is a sandbox with plenty of enemies and it will literally force you to make safe shelter high above the ground.

ℹ We are waiting for your design, post it using game camera mode with hashtag #xsurvive and we will feature best of it on our social media. Time to be creative!

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★ 500 NEW building elements
★ FULL crafting system rework
★ 3 awesome vehicles
… NEW game modes and much more

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