Idle Kingdom Builder [v1.23.1]

Idle Kingdom Builder [v1.23.1]


Idle Kingdom Builder is the Simulation for Android developed by upjers GmbH

App nameIdle Kingdom Builder
Publisherupjers GmbH
Platform4.1 and up
Latest ModMOD + OBB Data Full
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Description of Idle Kingdom Builder [1.23.1]

Idle Kingdom Builder โ€“ ๐Ÿ‘‘ Erect your own kingdom!

“Welcome, your Majesty!” In this incremental game Idle Kingdom Builder you’ll become the sovereign of your very own kingdom. You’re building your kingdom step by step according to your own ideas. You start modest and expand your opportunities for action, because at the beginning of this city builder, there is not yet much to see of the future splendor of your kingdom. Greeted as royal highness by a medieval building-master in a green jerkin, with building plans under his arm and pencil behind the ear, you immediately start to work eagerly to transform fields, meadows and forests into royal cities in this idle-game.

Money, Fame and new building in idle-game

Your first royal building project in the incremental app will be a farm. You improve it in order to increase your in-game profits. In this special clicker-game you amass fame and fortune. By doing so, you can employ workers for the already erected buildings so that you can concentrate on new projects and challenges, because you want to build numerous other buildings than just a farm, mills, and sawmills, which you can use to create impressive production chains. The app Idle Kingdom Builder offers you a royal game play scenario. Experience an astonishing clicker-app, which offers many features and functions. Among others:

๐Ÿ‘‘ numerous scopes for design with different buildings, like a lumberjack, farms, sawmills and many other buildings
๐Ÿ‘‘ exciting events and clicker-challenges
๐Ÿ‘‘ a medieval city builder setting with lovely animations in comic style
๐Ÿ‘‘ long-lasting idle-game fun
๐Ÿ‘‘ a sophisticated system of production chains, which enables you to process the products through several stations
๐Ÿ‘‘ an easy to grasp incremental game play principle with intuitive control

Become a king now!

Dive into the Idle Kingdom world which is full of fantasy. Design your own kingdom. Coordinate, plan, build and extend your domain. Download the idle-game now and become king!

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Whats new of Idle Kingdom Builder [1.23.1]

Your Kingdom Shines in New Splendor!Now you can have even more fun in the clicker app. The new update brings numerous improvements and eliminates some annoying bugs.Click your way to new lofty heights in Idle Kingdom Builder!
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